Skylor Creative Shoot | Portland Wedding Photographer Liza James

Creative portraits are always some of my favorites. I cannot stress this enough. Grab a friend, head out into the woods, waterfalls, open fields, anything that inspires you and simply SHOOT. Nothing keeps my head above water better than getting my vision out in images. This was one of those shoots. Completely impromptu, Skylor was down last minute to head out in the freezing cold and do a quick, 15/20 minute shoot! There are many reasons as to why creative shoots are important for not only photographers, but anyone involved. 

1. Inspiration. 
     As photographers, we are constantly booking sessions that may not be our ideal vision. For example, if you're passionate about shooting weddings, but throughout the year your also booking families, newborns, etc. to make ends meet. Of course those sessions are beautiful as well, but maybe they don't fill your cup completely with inspiration and motivation. It's important as a creative to not only focus on the sessions we are booking, but to also focus on growing ourselves as photographers. Inspiration pushes us, challenges us and causes us to create some of the best images we absolutely can. 

2.  Collaboration. 
     Often times, creative shoots or styled shoots can involve other creatives. This can be a dress designer you want to work with, a florist for gorgeous floral crowns or bouquets, even a calligrapher in designing an invitation suite for you to photograph. I've worked with a few amazing florists such as Sophisticated Floral, Liz Rusnac Floral, and Good Seed Floral for styled shoots and quick impromptu shoots. Let me tell you, honestly florals take an image up 50 notches. Nothing beats gorgeous flowers in your images! Not only are you creating images that inspire you and others, but your connecting with so many other creatives that you can build a community with. No one else understands the stresses and joys of running a creative business like they will. They are generally striving for the same goals you are, to be featured, to reach your target audience, to grow your business in social media, and to make an impact with your art. Creatives make the best friends! 

3. Motivation. 
     I can honestly say that meeting with other photographers and putting together creative shoots boosts my motivation like nothing else. I've recently started meeting with one of my closest friends, Jenn Pacurar of Spotted:Still Images every week. During our get togethers, we get coffee/tea, some food and genuinely chat about what we have planned, what we want our businesses to be in the future, the goals we have set, and she challenges me and pushes me more than I ever expect.
     I'm incredibly lucky that my best friend is an amazing successful photographer as well! Brie with Brie Thomason Photography, has been one of my biggest inspirations since we've met. Ironically, we met BECAUSE of a creative shoot I was putting together and I knew I wanted to photograph her. From day one, I was inspired by her in photographs and now even more so as she accomplishes literally everything she puts her mind to. Having friends that are able to encourage you and challenge you will be your best advocates. 
     It's truly amazing what creative shoots and collaborations can do for you emotionally and mentally. Every time I'm finished shooting or meeting with other creatives, I'm motivated to create even more and create even better than before. I promise you will not be sorry if you focus on your own vision and what you want to create as a photographer by putting together creative/styled shoots. 

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